Deportation Debate Reignites After Failed Asylum Seeker Arrested For Murdering His Daughter In Germany

"Thousands have been told they cannot stay but remain in the country using a variety of legal maneuvers ..."

Spanish law enforcement officials captured a failed asylum seeker who fled Germany after allegedly slashing his two-year-old daughter’s throat last Monday.

Police say the man, identified only as 33-year-old Sohail A, murdered his daughter following a violent argument with his wife, Lubna, at their home in Hamburg, the Daily Mail reports.

Lubna went to the police to report her husband’s violence for the third time, and when she returned home with police officers, she found her daughter brutally murdered with no sign of her husband anywhere.

The Mail highlights how this case has reignited the national debate about deporting failed asylum seekers as Sohail remained in Germany a stunning six years after officials rejected his application. Authorities were not even aware that the family was failed asylum seekers until after the murder.

“Thousands have been told they cannot stay but remain in the country using a variety of legal maneuvers, including illness and false threats of violence awaiting them back in their homelands,” the Mail added.

Sohail arrived in Germany from Pakistan in December 2011 and immediately applied for asylum; however, after only a month, German officials rejected his application because they said the grounds for it were “not believable.” Judicial authorities ruled in 2012 that the decision on his application was legal according to German laws, opening up the pathway for authorities to deport him. It never happened.

While remaining in Germany, he met and married Lubna, later having a daughter with her.

Sohail is now facing extradition proceedings from Spain back to Germany.


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