Rush Limbaugh Unpacks Media 'Misinformation Campaign' On Manafort Indictment

In the opening segment of his radio show Monday, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh unpacked the media's "misinformation campaign" regarding the indictment of Paul Manafort and the Trump-Russia "collusion" narrative. In his analysis of all the media hysteria over Manafort's indictment, Limbaugh stressed that none of the twelve counts brought by special counsel Robert Mueller have anything to do with Trump and reminded his audience that the entire investigation is based off of a Democrat-funded "dirty" dossier that is mostly just "made up."

"What’s happening here, folks, is pretty much what always happens and what has been happening in the Drive-By Media since election night," said Limbaugh. "There is an attempt to misinform the public, the part of the public that gets its news from the Drive-By Media ... Whatever portion of our population that watches or reads or listens to news from that cabal is now under the impression that step one in nailing Trump colluding with Russia has happened because this is the way it’s being reported. Except that is not what has happened."

What has happened, said Limbaugh, is that "in their attempt to overturn the election of 2016 one way or another," the media is yet again furiously trying to make connections to Trump where there are none and desperately trying to draw attention away from the revelations about the politically motivated Trump-Russia dossier.

As what he suggests is evidence that Mueller "and his news media cronies" are actively trying to redirect attention away from revelations about the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee's funding of the dossier, Limbaugh pointed to the "illegal leak" on Friday to CNN that Mueller would soon be issuing indictments:

Now, Mueller and his cronies illegally leaked — and this is from Trey Gowdy, not me — illegally leaked that someone was gonna be arrested back on Friday. ... And it was leaked to CNN, and we now know unequivocally that CNN has close, close ties to Fusion GPS. People that have worked at Fusion GPS have worked at CNN. People that have worked at CNN have been places prior to that where they hired people at Fusion GPS. It’s an incestual and it is a revolving door for ranking members of the establishment inside Washington, D.C.

So the leak was illegal. The purpose of the leak was multifaceted. The first purpose of the leak was to distract you from the growing awareness that it was the Clinton campaign that hired and practically wrote the Trump dossier ... That totally changed the narrative, it changed the direction, and its purpose was to basically cover up and shift away to the side the Clinton involvement in the Trump dossier. It was a classic case of distraction.

The charges against Mueller, Limbaugh stressed, "have literally nothing to do with anything to do with Trump or the election in 2016 or the collusion with Russia. In fact, the things that Manafort’s been indicted for I’m told everybody knew that he was doing. It’s a long-known secret and that he’s not the only one … The Podesta brothers are doing exactly this kind of thing every day, every week in Washington."

The goal of the Manafort indictment, suggested Limbaugh, might be to use them as "leverage" to try to get Manafort to allege something "nasty" about Trump. "You make life miserable for your perp, and you pile on, and the misery gets multiplied, and you don’t let up on the gas," he said. "The objective is to make life so miserable for so long, to drag on for years that Manafort will say anything — even lie if he has to — to get out from under this."

Limbaugh also took some time to address new details about the dossier and its role in establishing the Russia collusion narrative. The Democrats, alleged Limbaugh, were deliberately trying to create something that did not appear to be the run-of-the-mill "dirty trick" played by political groups. But in the end, they engaged in the "most egregious example of it":

They could not dent Trump’s bond with his voters. And there were enough of them, of course, to elect him president. So they decided that they had to go outside the appearance of politics-as-usual. And what better way than to purchase and construct and write an intelligence document that was sourced by people in the Russian government and MI6. In other words, this was a way to give a standard, ordinary Democrat dirty trick a little gravitas, something that appeared to be other than a dirty trick, even though that’s all it has ever been ...

This was supposed to have the big, red word “OFFICIAL” stamped on it, not “political.” That’s why “dossier,” that’s why “Russian government,” that’s why “Fusion GPS.” That’s why all of this has the appearance of being outside the ebb and flow of daily politics, when in fact it is maybe the worst, most egregious example of it.

In in the end, said Limbaugh, the dossier, the "basis and foundation" for the entire investigation, is mostly "manufactured. It's fiction. It's made up."

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