Ghosts, goblins, demons beware: there's a concept for a costume that's far more fantastical than you that's-a-comin' on Halloween night, and it came from the saturnine recesses of Hillary Clinton's labyrinthe mind:

Imagine the scene as Hillary wends her way through the neighborhood holding copies of the Planned Parenthood manual, Rules for Radicals, The Feminine Mystique, Scum Manifesto, The Female Eunuch and a dog-eared copy of It Takes a Village.

As terrified children flee to the safety of their bedrooms to cower under the covers, as conservatives watch in horror as the parade of social justice warriors, miles long, follows Hillary as she cackles "Trick-or Treat" up and down the streets of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, areas unknown to her heretofore, Hillary cries, "Beware, all who enter the doors of the Electoral College!"

Apprised that the Electoral College is not an actual university, she bellows, "Beware anyway! I have come to take what is rightfully mine! And free candy for any woman who donates to Planned Parenthood!"

But soon, the clock approaches midnight, and Hillary must return to the world of reality as Halloween ends. She has one last salvo left in her: "Fie!" she cries, "Fie on the forces of darkness that left me bereft and shorn of my power!"

Too little, too late. She must return to the Haunted House of Bill.

Where he is dressed as Hugh Hefner.