Embattled comedian Kathy Griffin went off on a Hillary Clintonesque meltdown rant on Saturday blaming everyone else for her career problems, which started when she staged a mock beheading of President Donald Trump.

Griffin’s meltdown video followed her reemergence onto the comedy scene after lying low for the last few months.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Gardner tweeted out a video of Griffin's performance where she can be seen ripping off her Trump mask, flipping off the crowd and taking a knee.

In her video titled “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of A Story,” Griffin blames TMZ founder Harvey Levin for fueling the outrage earlier this year over her Donald Trump beheading photoshoot — even though nearly every news organization reported on it and it was a major national story for several days.

During the unhinged performance, Griffin accuses Levin of being “very much in bed” with Donald Trump and she releases Levin's phone number publicly.