Political columnist and former Bill Clinton staffer Kirsten Powers predicted that Hillary Clinton's presidential hopes face a massive challenge going into the election year: her husband's notorious "bimbo eruptions."

On Fox News Sunday, Powers suggested that all the news surrounding Bill Cosby's alleged sexual abuse along with the changing perspective on sexual harassment and rape in the country have revived the Clinton sexual abuse scandals and cast them in any even worse light.

"I think that what was once referred to as Bill Clinton’s 'bimbo eruptions'—which now sounds like something that people wouldn’t say today—are going to become problems for Hillary during the campaign," Powers told the panel.

"The conventional wisdom says this has all been hashed out, and nobody cares about it anymore, but I think if we look at the Bill Cosby situation, we can see the country has definitely changed in terms of how we look at these issues, and these are serious allegations, and her role in them at well," she explained.

The media has been doing its best to protect Hillary from the rapidly escalating debate over the role she played in her husband's alleged abuses of women throughout his political career. The debate has only been heightened by the Democratic presidential frontrunner's insistence on presenting herself as an advocate for women who have suffered sexual abuse.

Powers began her political career as a staff assistant with the Clinton-Gore presidential transition team in 1992. She then served in the Clinton administration as Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Public Affairs from 1993-1998, working as press secretary and consultant afterward.