Warning: Sexually explicit content.

Past allegations that director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, X Men III) masturbated in front of actress Olivia Munn have come back to haunt him in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal that has rocked Hollywood to its core.

Attention shifted on Ratner's alleged behavior over the weekend when actress Gal Gadot, whom the world now knows as Wonder Woman, backed out of presenting the director with the Tree of Life Award at a dinner for the Jewish National Fund on Sunday.

Though Gadot's reps have issued no comment on the matter, a spokeswoman for the event claimed Gadot had a scheduling conflict while promoting Justice League in China.

“Apparently she is stuck on promo stuff for ‘Justice League’ for China, and she’s not going to be back in time,” said spokeswoman Nina Gordon. “We just found this out and everyone is scrambling.”

According to Variety, JNF knew of Gadot's scheduling conflict as far back as October 19, but they hoped the actress would pull through and appear. However, the announcement has spawned speculation that she pulled out due to past sexual harassment allegations.

"Ratner was once accused of masturbating in front of actress Olivia Munn on a movie set," reports Variety. "Munn wrote about the incident in her memoir without identifying the director. Ratner later confirmed that she was referring to him, but denied that he masturbated in front of her. He also apologized for falsely stating that the two slept together."

Despite these allegations, Ratner has continued working in Hollywood and even has a Hugh Hefner biopic in the works, whom he wrote a gushing tribute for following his death in none other than The Hollywood Reporter.

Ratner also has long considered director James Toback a close friend, another Hollywood swinger who is alleged to have sexually harassed more than 300 women.

​In Gadot's place, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins presented Ratner with the award on Sunday.