Rape Survivor Confronts Hillary About Bill’s Alleged Rape Victim. Here’s Her Reaction.

At a town hall event in Derry, New Hampshire, for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a self-described rape-survivor and former Democrat asked Mrs. Clinton about Bill’s alleged rape victim, Juanita Broaddrick. Hillary quickly silenced the dissident, telling the questioner that she was “very rude” and that was “not ever going to call on” her.

Stunningly, the crowd—packed with women who most-likely champion themselves as "women's rights activists"—erupted in applause at the powerful female presidential candidate silencing another woman with questions about an alleged victim of rape at the hands of a powerful man. Apparently what really matters is who the alleged rapist is married to; in this case, it's the "inevitable" Democratic presidential nominee.

The questions from New Hampshire Republican Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien are mostly inaudible in the video above, but Liz Kreutz of ABC News confirms that the questioning was indeed about Broaddrick, a woman who has accused former President Bill Clinton of rape and Hillary of threatening her in person two weeks after.

This reaction comes second nature to Hillary, as her past history of covering-up for her philandering husband and alleged threatening behavior toward his victims in effort to quiet them demonstrates.

Hillary claims to be “for” women, is a self-professed feminist, and says that all women who cast accusations of sexual assault should be believed—but her actions continuously bear witness to the opposite. The Democratic presidential frontrunner has demonstrated that American women who have differing views are her enemy, if you are a pre-born female you deserve no say in your right to life, and women who accuse her husband of sexual assault are exempt from being "believed" and are apparently fair-game for harassment.

Below, Rep. Prudhomme-O'Brien, visibly distraught, can be seen explaining her party switch from Democrat to Republican and her motivation behind her questioning of Mrs. Clinton:

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