Matt Damon's First Movie After Weinstein Scandal One Of Paramount's Biggest Flops Ever

"Suburbicon" marks a new box-office low for director George Clooney and star Matt Damon.

Matt Damon's first film after the flood of allegations against Harvey Weinstein, with whom Damon has worked closely over the years, did even more poorly than analysts predicted. In fact, as the Associated Press puts it, the George Clooney-directed Suburbicon managed to notch "one of the most dismal wide-release debuts in recent years."

The brutal response from critics had studio execs fearing the worst about George Clooney's newest directorial contribution, but when the box office numbers came in from the film's big debut, it was even worse than they feared.

Saddled with a dreary 26% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and earning an even worse 24% from viewers, the D-minus graded film brought in a nightmarish $2.8 million despite opening on over 2,000 screens nationwide. AP notes that total makes it "one of Paramount Pictures' worst performing wide-releases ever and mark[s] a new box-office low for Clooney as a director and star Matt Damon."

Clearly, Americans weren't interested in finding out what Clooney and Damon had to say about racism in 1950s suburbia, a message packaged in what Rolling Stone's Peter Travers describes as an "alternately comic and deadly earnest satire ... that feels tonally at war with itself."

The film was made for approximately $25 million, with Paramount paying another $10 million for domestic distribution rights. Following its mother! flop (bringing in just $17.8 million), Paramount's attempts at more "thought-provoking" dramatic films is proving disastrous this year.

The first Weinstein Co. film released after the allegations against its former CEO, Amityville: The Awakening, pulled in a stunningly low number as well. For some reason, the film played only on Saturday on just 10 screens. It's total draw: $742.


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