Obama Utterly Silent as Abbas Incites War Against Israel

President Mahmoud Abbas announced to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday that the Palestinians will no longer be bound to the Oslo accords, disposing of any last shred of the facade created by his earlier statements of a peace agreement with Israel.

“We cannot continue to be bound by these signed agreements with Israel and Israel must assume fully all its responsibility as an occupying power,” he had said in Arabic.

Short of a day later, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu made his ground-shattering “Speech of Silence” to the UN, in which he rejected the Iran deal as a “marriage certificate” that will unite militant Islam and nukes.

“Seventy years after the murder of six million Jews, Iran’s rulers promise to destroy my country, murder my people, and the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the governments represented here, has been absolutely nothing,” Netanyahu had said. “Utter silence. Deafening silence.”

The silence to which he referred, said Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, is that of the United States’ Barack Obama and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who refuse to recognize the dangers that Israel faces in the Middle East in any of their speeches.

Aside from ignoring Iran’s pledge to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth in his deal with them, Obama twice brushed off Senate minority-leader Harry Reid’s plea to disavow the UN’s call for a Palestinian state.

Cooper published an article in Fox News, warning of Abbas’s impending religious war with Israel.

“Whether Abbas risks losing U.S. funding with such a draconian move,” Cooper wrote, “he’s already thrown the two-state solution under the bus with moves like this recent screed about Jews on the eve of the Jewish New Year: "Al-Aqsa is ours and so is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. They have no right to desecrate them with their filthy feet. We won’t allow them to do so and we will do whatever we can to defend Jerusalem.”

Cooper called from Jerusalem after The Daily Wire requested a comment on his piece.

“For now the PA is the only game in town,” Cooper said to The Daily Wire. “But I’m convinced that ultimately he’s not going to be the key component to bring about a Palestinian homeland for his people... not only has he not convinced Israelis to take him seriously, he’s done everything [sic.] to convince them that Israel is illegitimate, that the Jewish history is a phony history, and now to encourage this theological based terrorism.”

Cooper said that as Americans who understand the dangers faced by Israel and the West, we need to pray but to also work to support Israel by forging new alliances and creating new parties. He concluded, “Israel now has to deal with Iran and Russia and despite all the statements on the president of the U.S. that he has Israel's backs, a lot of Israel's allies around the globe simply aren't convinced that he's ready to help."


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