WATCH: Pence To AEI, ‘We Share Your Commitment To A Boundless American Future’

"The record is clear ..."

Vice President Mike Pence visited the American Enterprise Institute’s headquarters on Tuesday, where he discussed President Donald Trump’s efforts at tax reform. During his remarks, Pence remarked, “And I’m here today to assure you that President Trump and I share your commitment ... we share your commitment to those high American ideals, and we share your commitment to a boundless American future.”

Pence continued, “For far too long, the American people were enduring an ever-growing federal government that seemed intent on directing virtually every facet of American life, while too often failing to fulfill its most essential obligations to the American people.”

Pence also talked about how Americans were "suffocated" by the excessive regulations brought on by the last eight years of stagnated wages and a stalled economy.

He continued, “In the midst of all of that disappointment, the American people struggled ... they struggled to understand why America seemed unable to get its footing after the Great Recession in 2008 and before.”

Pence declared, “And to revive America’s economy, our administration has been rolling back regulations that stifle American businesses and have eroded opportunities for working families for far too long.”

He added, “The record is clear: This President will never punish the enterprise and prosperity of our people. He will only promote it. And already, the American economy is responding to our actions and our agenda.”

You can watch the remarks below:

President Donald Trump has been sending Vice President Mike Pence on the campaign trail to tout the White House Administration’s efforts at tax reform. Earlier this month, Pence was in California campaigning for Republican candidates and praising Trump’s position on taxes.


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