WATCH: Brave Officers Risk Their Lives To Prevent Armed Man From Committing Suicide-By-Cop

"Please kill me ... I don't want to live."

Two brave Arkansas officers risked their lives wrestling with an armed, unstable man looking to commit suicide-by-cop.

In the body-camera video below, one officer is seen trying to wrestle a firearm from the hands of the unwell man, named Marcus, who is begging to be killed.

"Please take me out," pleads Marcus. "I don't want to live."

Another officer, wearing a body-camera and aiming a gun at the man, is heard yelling: "Marcus, put it down! Put it down! Drop it, Marcus! Drop it!"

"Shoot me," begs the man, still wrestling with the officer and clinging onto his firearm. "Shoot me, please. ... I want to die."

After the man is finally taken to the ground, the officer tases him.

The man, now in tears, still begs, "Take me out, please. ... I don't want to live."

The video has just recently surfaced online, but appears to have been initially taken mid-January.


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