On Monday, MSNBC broadcast an interview between reporter, Jacob Soboroff, and border patrol agent, Roy Villareal. The interview took place just feet from the current fencing along the southwest border of the United States, as well as the eight prototype walls that have been constructed for consideration by the Trump administration.

During the interview, several people jumped the fence, and MSNBC caught it on camera. The word "jumped" is hyperbolic, of course. At the end of the segment, Soboroff stood next to the part of the fence where he’d observed people crossing, and found that it was rather small:

The prototypes being considered include 18-30 foot walls made out of concrete and other materials. According to Villareal, "We’re going to test it for breachability, for the subterranean aspect — can we dig under it? Can we cut through it? Can we scale over It?"

When asked if these walls would lower illegal immigration, Villareal added, "It’s hard to gauge. There’s always going to be some form of crime, or in this case, illegal migration. Can we do our job better? Absolutely. And I think that these walls are going to contribute toward that."