A Brazilian model, who was featured on the hit fashion reality show Project Runway, says she had to fend off a naked Harvey Weinstein with a piece of broken glass, after he lured her to his New York City apartment.

The allegation comes within an LA Times report, accusing Weinstein of using his connections to the fashion world as a producer on Project Runway and as a financial backer for the brands Halston and Marchesa, as a way to meet famous fashion models. A "dozen people with ties to the industry" told the Times that Weinstein preyed on the vulnerable young women who were often just starting out in the fashion industry.

Brazilian model Julianna De Paula was one of those women.

According to her interview, De Paula says she met Weinstein at a downtown NYC karaoke bar and he invited her and her group of model friends up to his SoHo loft for a post-karaoke cocktail. Once in the elevator, De Paula reports, Weinstein started to fondle the women and physically force them to kiss each other. “Forcing. Like putting both heads together,” De Paula said.

Weinstein reportedly "ushered the three models into his bedroom," but De Paula hid out in an en suite bathroom. She doesn't know what happened while she was barricaded inside, but she heard one of the other women yell, "stop!" and when De Paula finally made her escape — through the bedroom to the kitchen — Weinstein, now naked, chased her down.

Fearing he'd assault her, De Paula says, she broke a wine glass and threatened to stab Weinstein if he didn't let her leave. “You let me out of here right now, or this is going to have serious consequences," she recalls saying.

Weinstein responded with a laugh — “Are you serious?” — but allowed her to leave, De Paula stated.

Weinstein's publicist says the report is "a fabrication."

The story goes on to say that the fashion industry is now "looking inward" to see whether other famous faces associated with various brands are using their power and influence to hurt the women involved in the industry. At least one top designer, Donna Karan, is now in trouble for defending Weinstein. Karan told reporters that Weinstein's victims may have invited his attention with their provocative clothing — a sentiment she claims she now regrets voicing.

As for Weinstein, he reportedly left "sex addiction" rehab on Saturday, after only one week of intensive therapy. He will remain in Arizona, he says, for the next several weeks, to be close to care.