On Thursday, in the latest sign that Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign is swiftly approaching its demise, two of the top aides for his campaign resigned.

Campaign manager Barry Bennett and Communications Director Doug Watts informed ABC News that they “have resigned from the Carson campaign effective immediately. We respect the candidate and we have enjoyed helping him go from far back in the field to top tier status. Having just announced raising $23m for the 4th Q, more than any other Republican candidate, and passing 1 million contributions and over 600k unique donors since March, we are proud of our efforts for Dr. Carson and we wish him and his campaign the best of luck."

The huge amount of cash raised by the campaign apparently did not deter the two aides from leaving; as noted by The Hill on Wednesday, “The campaign’s treasurer told The Hill earlier this month that they may have blown through half of the $11.5 million in reserves they claimed at the start of the quarter.”

The Carson campaign has been troubled with infighting for the last couple of weeks; on December 11, CNN reported that Armstrong Williams, Carson's business manager had slammed the campaign team for not preparing him properly, stating, "His campaign has to do a better job at preparing him. Don't give him speeches at the last minute. It's not only on him, it's on them."

Bennett responded, "I don't think he is always helpful. You always defend your candidate." Watts agreed, asserting that Williams' actions bothered Carson.

Carson's numbers have plummeted since early November, when he briefly led the GOP field, garnering 25% in the RealClearPolitics average; he is currently polling 9%.