WATCH: Eric Holder Makes Shocking Statement On Comey Exonerating Hillary Before Interviewing Her

Former Attorney General Eric Holder says there was nothing wrong with ‘honest’ Comey exonerating Hillary Clinton before interviewing her .

Former President Obama’s Attorney General said that renewed scrutiny into how former FBI Director James Comey handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email is a not an issue because he thinks Comey is an “honest” person.

Eric Holder made the statement in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper which focused on Comey’s decision to draft a letter exonerating Clinton before the FBI even interviewed her in 2016.

“You can make determinations about where an investigation is likely to go before you actually speak to the subject of that investigation,” Holder said.

President Donald Trump sparked the CNN interview after he tweeted several times about the issue on Wednesday after the FBI confirmed that it was true.

Comey had addressed the nation in a televised press conference on July 5, 2016, in which he laid out a compelling case suggesting that Clinton broke the law and had lied about her actions. Comey concluded the press conference by calling Clinton’s actions “extremely careless” but said her actions did not warrant criminal prosecution.

“He’s an honest guy, and the determination that he made and I think inappropriately announced, I think is based on the facts, based on his interpretation of the law, and it was nothing more than that,” Mr. Holder continued. “It was a good-faith assessment by a person who I think has done a lot for this country.”



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