Shapiro On Fox: 'You Do Have To Wonder Why Isn't Eric Holder Being Called Before Congress Right Now'

On Wednesday, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro appeared on Fox and Friends, where he discussed the report from The Hill that the Obama Administration knew of the Russian nuclear industry routing millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and did nothing about it .

Host Brian Kilmeade prompted Shapiro’s remarks:

Let’s change gears and talk about Hillary Clinton, who, by the way, is in South Korea saying the president is causing war with North Korea. Totally irresponsible. She also made clear she doesn’t want to run against the president again but she’ll continue to harass him and continue to criticize him. And now we find out that the Clinton Foundation as its link with the Russians, they’re revealed to have routed millions of dollars, to Hillary Clinton’s, while she was Secretary of State, to the Clinton Foundation, and the next thing you know she ends up, Russia ends up with a lot of our uranium. Any coincidence there?

Shapiro replied:

Peter Schweizer detailed this during the campaign and it was a major scandal; it was something that President Trump brought up on the campaign trail, but what we’re finding out now is that the Obama Department of Justice knew full well that there was attempted corruption by the Russian government in these specific deals and they did nothing about it. So you do have to wonder why isn’t Eric Holder being called before Congress right now? Why isn’t he being called on by the new DOJ to answer some questions about why they didn’t do anything, why they didn’t even, apparently, let the State Department know, if that’s what happened. All of this is deeply suspicious; we already know that the Department of Justice, under Loretta Lynch, was making moves on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Was the Department of Justice, on behalf of Hillary Clinton, making moves under Eric Holder, as well, that would have protected some sort of cash pipeline between the Russians and the Clinton Foundation?

Again, a lot of the documents uncovered by The Hill are pretty disturbing, from what The Hill reports, and the idea that the Obama Administration was willing to green-light this sort of activity, knowing full well that the Russians were attempting to infiltrate the supply of nuclear materials is really, really disturbing stuff.

Video below, beginning at 4:50

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