Newspaper Publishes Picture Of Trump With Hitler Mustache — Says It Was An Accident

Just a lil' ol' accident, no big deal.

A newspaper in Ohio, The Wapakoneta Daily News, on Monday published a picture on its front page showing President Trump with what reallllly looks like a mustache made infamous by Adolf Hitler.

Take a look yourself.

Yes, and then the paper said it was all a mistake, that the picture was simply edited in a "sloppy manner."

In an "apology," the paper wrote:

The Wapakoneta Daily News regrets the image of President Donald Trump published on Page 1A of Monday’s newspaper. While we edit photos on a daily basis, this particular photo was edited in a sloppy manner to make it appear the president had a mustache.The Wapakoneta Daily News would never intentionally insult our president in any manner. It was an unfortunate incident which we continue to investigate and we offer our apologies to our readers.

Our favorite verbiage of the far-fetched excuse is this: "The Wapakoneta Daily News would never intentionally insult our president in any manner." Oh, only unintentionally? Well, perfect, because this whole thing was unintentional, nothing more than some sloppy photo editing, right?

But plenty of newspapers invoke Hitler when covering Trump. Google "President Trump" and "Hitler" and you'll get 11.6 million links.

Why, just today The New York Times ran this headline: "Trump Isn’t Hitler. But the Lying ..." on its opinion page (hey, it's just an op-ed so that's just fine).

"... [T]here are strategies that Hitler used to secure power and rise — things that allowed his murderous reign — that can teach us about political theory and practice. And very reasonable and sage comparisons can be drawn between Hitler’s strategies and those of others," writer Charles M. Blow said.

Oddly, #TrumpIsntHitler was trending Thursday on Twitter. On the one side was sentiment like this, summed up by actor James Woods.

On the other side were a whole bunch of people who really think Trump IS Hitler.

But Blow also writes this in his column, acknowledging the fate of all those who invoke Hitler in an argument.

"It is a commonly accepted rule among those who are in the business of argument, especially online, that he or she who invokes Adolf Hitler, either in oratory or essays, automatically forfeits the argument."

Truer words were never spoken.

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