A Child Asks Hillary Why Mom Gets Paid Less Than Dad. It’s Not Staged Or Anything.

The children offering what look suspiciously like staged questions or comments allowing Hillary Clinton to promulgate her agenda keep getting younger and younger.

Only one week after Hillary Clinton was asked a question about bullying by a ten-year-old Iowa girl that was suspected of having been staged, a nine-year-old boy at a New Hampshire townhall meeting offered Clinton a softball comment about the pay inequity of his parents so that Clinton could explicate her War-on-Women narrative.

Relic Reilly, 9, the son of Michael Reilly, a software engineer for BT Conferencing, and Bita Reilly, a pre-K teacher at a cooperative preschool, stood up to complain:

My mother, over there, is complaining that she does not get much more money than my father. My mother is an engineer, I meant, teacher. My father is the engineer. And I think that my mother is working more harder than my ... I think my mother is working much harder, is working more harder than my father and she deserves to have more money, like, get more money, than my father. Because she's taking care of children and I just don't think it's fair.

Clinton, ready-as-ever with a prepared speech, intoned:

Look, I do think equal pay for equal work is still a problem,' she said. 'And I think the Paycheck Fairness Act, which I supported every year it came up when I was in the Senate, is really important to try to open up the pay arena to more transparency. Because right now if you are doing a job and you ask how much somebody else makes, you can be fired or retaliated against. And how are we ever gonna know that we get fair pay for, you know, not just women – although that's the biggest discrepancy – but particularly people who are in, you know, positions where it's hard to ask for more because of their working conditions. I think that we still have problems. if you deny those problems you are denying the fastest way to increase incomes in America. And that is to make sure women are paid what they deserve in the job that they do.'

Contacted by Dailymail.com, Bita Reilly protested, 'We did not talk with anybody from Hillary campaign before and even after the town-hall meeting,” adding that her son’s volunteering his comment to Clinton had nothing to do with her, asserting that they “talked last night about what we would ask” if Clinton called on him.

She added:

My son had his own question … I said I wanted to ask about her plans in early childhood education in general. My son, Relic, asked me why I would not ask Hillary about teachers not getting paid enough (he also mentioned his own teacher while talking with me). And then I told him ‘Why don't you ask this question yourself?’ Relic felt a little bad that he embarrassed me as an example of his and said he wished he had talked about his own teacher instead. As I mentioned, if I had a chance I would ask totally another question as a preschool teacher, but my son had his own question.

Now, don’t think for a moment that the Reilly parents are partisan or aware of politics. After all, Bita has only tweeted once, in 2012. That tweet, attacking GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney after Nevada Democratic Sen. Harry Reid falsely claimed Romney had not paid taxes, read, “Getting Ready to go to Boston with my sons and their signs ‘Romney, Release Your Return’ and “Romney, What Are You Hiding?”

As for Michael, his Google+ feed features numerous anti-Republican rants including his own October 2, 2015 poll asking respondents if House Oversight Committee GOP chairman Jason Chaffetz should be “empeached” [sic], “censured” or “lynched” for showing an anti-Planned Parenthood graphic.

As DailyWire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro tweeted:

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