Actress Ellen Barkin Compares Weinstein's Sexual Harassment To NFL 'Blackballing' Kaepernick

"Standing up to any abuse of white male power"

Hollywood's alleged complicity in covering up movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment of women over several decades could be because they have no moral compass, or it could be because they have no sense of logic.

Take this recent tweet from actress Ellen Barkin (Ocean's 13) for example, suggesting that Hollywood failing to help Harvey Weinstein's accusers when they blew the whistle on his alleged sexual harassment is the same as the NFL not hiring Colin Kaepernick for refusing to stand before the national anthem.

"It's important to connect the blackballing of women reporting sexual abuse to Colin @Kaepernick7 taking a knee," she wrote on Twitter. "Standing up to any abuse of white male power will cost you your life or your life's work. Period."

To fully dissect Barkin's leftist logic here, Hollywood willfully turning a blind-eye to innocent women being sexually harassed by a predator for decades is akin to a third-rate quarterback sowing division by not standing for the national anthem, and wearing Fidel Castro shirts, and then whining when his third-rate skills as a quarterback fail to recoup him a job.

Ellen Barkin is not the only Hollywoodite to use the Weinstein scandal as a chance to blast the "white male hierarchy." Filmmaker Michael Moore took the same stance over the weekend when he called for this alleged hierarchy's toppling.

"What if we seized this moment and bring down, once and for all, the white male hierarchy which has ruled our way of life in America since the first boatload of religious zealots arrived on Plymouth Rock?" Moore stated over the weekend, conveniently forgetting that just a few short years ago, he sang Weinstein's praises on the same social media platform.

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