Rose McGowan Alleges That Former Harvey Weinstein Attorney Lisa Bloom Offered Her $6 Million To Shut Up About Weinstein

Bloom angrily denies the allegations

Actress Rose McGowan, who has led the charge against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein after alleging that he raped her, has now come forth on her Facebook page with a further charge: that attorney Lisa Bloom, who represented Weinstein before resigning on October 7, offered her $6 million to silence McGowan from speaking out against Weinstein. Bloom vehemently denied McGowan’s claims.

According to The Daily Mail, McGowan wrote:

You know what is truth, Lisa? I feel like people should know that you've been calling my literary agent and saying there'd be money for me if I got on the "Harvey's Changed" bandwagon? You told her that I should care about HIS reputation. How HE has a family now and how HE has changed. Well, guess what? I've always had a family and that didn't stop him from assaulting me.

McGowan wrote that Charles Harder, another former Weinstein lawyer and Bloom co-counsel, met with McGowan’s lawyer to “find out what you two pigs were going to do to me IF I TELL THE TRUTH.”

She continued:

I have to pay for two men to have coffee and croissants at a fancy restaurant to discuss MY ASSAULT and what would happen to me if I DIDN'T SHUT UP FOREVER … When I was hurt by the Monster, my then lawyer was someone named David Feldman and he is the one who came at me with the $100,000 offer. He was just trying to curry favor from the swine, Lisa, just like you. It would never have occurred to me to ask for money. Truly. The "payout" came after I asked my then powerful managers for help getting justice...A meeting took place between me and a bull framed criminal attorney, a women (sic), who seemed to delight that since I had done a sex scene in a movie, I would never win …

So I took the 100k. Two reasons. 1) it was my only way of telling the SWINE I was not willing to play along. He went ballistic... 2) Disgusting Hollywood people gave me hardcore PTSD and I needed out.

McGowan also claimed she never signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), writing:

I never signed an NDA. Back then I refused. I've told scores of people the truth. And the open secret in Hollywood and mainstream media laid shame at my door. Lisa Bloom, I had to play the trickiest game of my life because your threats were all about trying to silence me NOW. The scarlet letter is yours, and it's S for SHAME … Did you think of how it would affect victims to see you champion a rapist? How it felt to those you once "fought for,” for them to know that you used them? You remember them right? They were the victims of assaults, women you'd previously helped. You lied to those hurt women and hid your true character. You wanted a shortcut to fame.

Bloom furiously denied McGowan’s charges in Buzzfeed News:

I never called Rose McGowan's literary agent. I don't even know who her agent is. I never threatened Rose McGowan, nor offered her money, nor reached out to her. This is completely false. I have withdrawn from my representation of Harvey Weinstein and apologized for being involved in this. I am sorry for the pain Rose McGowan is in. But this is completely false.


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