Fox & Friends Smacks SNL For Kellyanne Conway ‘It’ Parody

A Saturday Night Live parody called "Kellywise," in which Kellyanne Conway attempts to lure CNN’s Anderson Cooper into the sewer a la Pennywise from Stephen King’s It, has irked the hosts of Fox & Friends.

Here’s the video from SNL:

On Sunday’s Fox & Friends, hosts David Webb, Pete Hegseth, and Abby Huntsman noted how lopsided SNL is when attacking female politicians.

Hegseth mentioned that while the bit is supposed to be about Conway "trying to get air time," SNL still mocked "her appearance."

Webb lamented SNL’s targeting of Conway, "a woman who achieves to one of the highest levels in office, in the White House, as a counsel to the President of the United States." He then challenged the sketch comedy show to portray Hillary Clinton in the same light: "This was a caricature. Do this to Hillary Clinton; put her in the drain like the clown, just goading the Russians ..."

When Hegseth added: "Or Michelle Obama," Webb quickly noted: "If you do it to Michelle Obama, you're a racist, misogynist, whatever."

Huntsman and Hegseth summed it up nicely:

HUNTSMAN: Liberals were often being very critical of anyone who hit on Hillary Clinton’s looks, her hair, or how she appeared. And so there's the sense of hypocrisy when we talk about Kellyanne.

HEGSETH: There's two standards in this country.

Here’s the Fox & Friends video:

SNL has a long history of disproportionately targeting Republicans. Their standards regarding how they mock Republicans and Democrats — male or female — are completely different. The Fox & Friends hosts are on point in that regard.

On the other hand, it’s possible to know and condemn that double-standard while still laughing at Kellywise. As a representative for the president, Kellyanne Conway has said some ridiculous things (see: "Bowling Green massacre," and "alternative facts," etc). She is certainly a figure who can be easily parodied.

The issue here isn’t the mocking of Kellyanne Conway in general — which isn’t inherently sexist or misogynist — it’s the ridiculing of Conway’s physical appearance as well as the hypocrisy of SNL refusing to make fun of Democrats in the same manner as they do Republicans. That distinction is important.


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