WEIRD: Pelosi's Op-Ed Piece Was 'Edited For Clarity' By NBC Editor

The first line of the article, supposedly "written" by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (her name's right at the top), clues the reader in for just what to expect.

"As told to THINK editor Megan Carpentier; edited for clarity."

That's right, the House Democratic leader dictated an op-ed piece to NBC's Think – or she just talked and talked. But what Pelosi said didn't exactly make sense, so an editor there edited her comments to make them sensible.

With that preamble, let's forge into the silliness that streams daily from the top Democrat's mouth:

"What the president is doing, it's violent. His actions are violent. He does violence to what we want to do in health care. He does violence to the national debt by what he is adding to it. He does violence to the world, in terms of nuclear proliferation and the environment and our standing in the world, with his frivolity. What we want him to do is to calm down, get used to the job he has, know that his words weigh a ton, and that he really should know what he's talking about when he says something."

Hmm. This doesn't seem like it was "edited for clarity." "He does violence to the world in terms of nuclear proliferation"? Um, President Trump isn't proliferating nuclear weapons. In fact, with his stern stance last week on the Iran nuclear deal signed by former president Barack Obama, he just might be making the world safer from nukes.

Trump "does violence" to "our standing in the world"? How? By putting America first? Pollsters love to point out that Trump's popularity among foreign leaders is lower than Obama's. Wanna' know why? Because they could push Obama around. Trump, they can't.

As one would not expect from a powerful political leader (at least 20 years ago), Pelosi says Trump doesn't know enough about any of the issues to actually do what's right.

"He doesn't know enough about health care reform to make a proper proposal," she writes — or, sorry, says. "I also don't know that the president fully understands his own tax bill. ... And he doesn't know enough about international relations to know how to avoid provoking the president of North Korea."

If Pelosi had been "edited for clarity" here, the passage would just read: "I think Trump is really, really stupid." Not exactly a dignified thing for a high-raking servant of the people to say.

"Plus, his tweets are beneath the dignity of the president." Funny! We were just talking about dignity! "Not that a president can't tweet, but as the primary mode of communication to the American people, it's such a disrespectful way to engage."

Um, not. See, Nanc, Trump can't call up NBC's Think (whatever that is) like you can, shoot the breeze about various topics and then have an editor whip it into an op-ed piece. In fact, Media Research Center found that 88% of all the reports on the major broadcast news networks were “hostile” to Trump. So, Trump sidesteps the media, goes straight to the people in a most American way.

Pelosi gets poetic: "In effect, the president is just saying, 'Stop the world.' He wants to get off, because he doesn't know how to deal with any of these issues. He keeps shrinking into this little world of his own, and it's really dangerous to children and to the entire planet."

Wow. The piece just gets more nonsensical from there.

And remember, Pelosi's thoughts and words were "edited for clarity." Can you imagine if they weren't?

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