Sean Hannity Calls Sen. Ben Sasse A ‘Loser’ Who’s ‘Accomplished Nothing’ After Sasse Rebukes Trump On Twitter

On Wednesday, Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) tweeted:

In response, ardent Trump supporter and Fox News personality, Sean Hannity, Tweeted:

Sasse replied:

Hannity became rather agitated by Sasse’s response, and hit back by calling him a "loser" who has "accomplished nothing."

Hannity then challenged Sasse on issues unrelated to the initial tweet:

For those keeping score at home, Senator Sasse questioned President Trump’s remarks about when it would be "appropriate to challenge [NBC’s] license." Hannity called Sasse "useless."

Sasse said that "no president should play with censoring news they dislike," and asked conservatives how they would respond if someone like Elizabeth Warren said the same thing of Fox News. Hannity called Sasse a "loser" who’s "accomplished nothing," and pivoted to other issues.


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