Harvey Weinstein One Of The Most Thanked Men In Oscar History (God Not So Much)

God comes in at sixth place.

Even though seemingly everyone in Hollywood knew of Harvey Weinstein's monstrous behavior, both on the casting couch and off, that still did not prevent him from becoming one of the most thanked man in Oscar history, ahead of the Almighty.

According to a study by Vocativ in 2015 that analyzed 1,396 acceptance speeches, Weinstein ranked number 2 on the list of those who received the most gratitude on Oscar night. Four spots behind him was God at number six.

In the area of general thanks, naturally, "The Academy" stood at the top at 43%; next came Mom and Dad at 29%. When it came to actual individuals thanked, the study got more interesting.

Currently, director Steven Spielberg holds the record for most times thanked from the Oscar podium, an impressive 42 times. This could range from those who won Oscars for his movies and those who were inspired by him.

Standing at number 2 is Weinstein, who sits below Spielberg by a wide margin of 25%. More from the study:

Occupying the next three spots are men known primarily as directors who have cumulatively produced more than 120 films. James Cameron comes in third with 28 thank-yous, mostly from those who worked behind the scenes on Titanic, The Terminator and Avatar. George Lucas follows with 23, and Peter Jackson clocks in with a respectable 22 from the many people who won Oscars for their work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The Almighty, God himself, the Creator of all, stands in sixth place.

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