'Empowerment': Feminist 'D*** Pic Art Show' Gives Guests A Chance To Look At Men's Creepy Sexting Pics

"I feel that empowerment is much like race or socioeconomic status"

Warning: As the name of the art show implies, raunchy material below.

A "D*** Pic Art Show" in Los Angeles simultaneously speaks out on men who treat women with disrespect by texting them unwanted photos of their private parts while objectifying men by offering up a "blowjob workshop."

The traveling art show, titled "I Didn't Ask for This," features real "d*** pics" that creepy men have texted to women who weren't asking for it as a way to highlight the importance of consent. While no one, except for maybe one notorious producer, would disagree with an event highlighting consent, it seems rather hypocritical of them to feature workshops that would be (rightfully so) labeled creepy and sexist if they were orchestrated by men.

According to LA Weekly, the art show offers women a chance to attend "a blowjob workshop, a cunnilingus workshop, and a 200-dildo photo booth sponsored by Doc Johnson." Women sporting a VIP ticket will earn themselves a "swag bag filled with sex toys and gift cards and feminist magazines."

Whitney Bell, the artist in charge of the show, said it's all about empowerment.

"I feel that empowerment is much like race or socioeconomic status, it is a privilege and must be treated as such," Bell says. "Not everyone has the ability or strength or upbringing to be able to harness that on their own. To shed their shame, to have the agency to call out to their harassers, and to inspire others to do the same. I am privileged in many ways, and being empowered is one of them — so it is my duty to stand up for those who perhaps don’t share that privilege."

Now just imagine if men did an art show featuring unwanted pics of women's naked bodies while simultaneously giving out free blow-up dolls.

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