A gun expert issued a stern warning on Wednesday that a new bill introduced by Republicans will kill the Second Amendment if signed into law.

Tim Harmsen is a leading gun writer, reviewer, and videographer who also was a founding partner of one of America’s premier gun stores, Copper Custom Armament.

In a new video posted to his YouTube channel, the Military Arms Channel, Harmsen warns that a new piece of legislation introduced by Republican lawmakers will lead to the death of the Second Amendment.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), comes in response to the Las Vegas shooting and calls for a ban on rate-increasing devices — not just bump stocks.

The bill states:

To amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit the manufacture, possession, or transfer of any part or combination of parts that is designed and functions to increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle but does not convert the semiautomatic rifle into a machinegun, and for other purposes.

Harmen, who usually doesn't discuss politics in any of his videos, issued a fiery warning on the open-ended manner in which the bill was written, arguing that the "nebulous" phrasing, particularly the lack of any clear definition of the key term, "rate-increasing device," could "end the Second Amendment as we know it."

Under the current iteration of the bill, anti-gun politicians in Washington D.C., warns Harmen, would be able to ban numerous gun parts which could eventually lead to the full ban on semi-automatic weapons.


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