The FBI has opened an investigation into Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual crimes, according to a Wednesday-published report at The Daily Mail.

The Department of Justice prompted the investigation, directing the FBI to investigate allegations against Weinstein. It is unknown if the directive originated with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Weinstein was suspected of seeking to flee the country for Europe on Tuesday night; The Blast reported he is seeking help at a “treatment facility.” Wednesday-published reports indicate that he is still in the U.S.

"We're told Harvey has decided to take the advice of the people around him and leave immediately. We're told he will enter a live-in facility and will deal both with sex and other behavioral issues," reported TMZ.

Via The Daily Mail:

The FBI can both look at whether he has committed any federal crimes in the U.S. and prepare extradition proceedings if he remains in Europe. …

New York State has no statute of limitations on rape and criminal sexual acts - its legal term for forced oral or anal intercourse. ...

Hollywood powerhouse Weinstein has traveled the globe promoting his movies and the belief is that he could have committed sex crimes in several countries.

The FBI is looking to bring charges against Weinstein, according to The Daily Mail’s source:

My connections and sources within the law enforcement community have told me they're looking to bring a case against Harvey Weinstein for rape and various other charges.

That's why they believe Weinstein left to go to Europe to rehab. He is trying to protect himself in case charges are filed and do the same thing Roman Polanski did to escape justice.

We must stop these sex predators from crossing any border to allow them to escape justice.

H/T Ryan Parry at The Daily Mail.

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