Stanley Cup Winners Visit The White House

Two-time winners ...

The two-time National Hockey League Stanley Cup winners Pittsburgh Penguins decided to do away with political correctness and accept an invitation to the White House, where they were welcomed with open arms.

“By the way, everybody wanted to be here today. And I know why,” President Trump joked to reporters during remarks, referring to the Golden State Warriors basketball team. They refused to visit the White House, virtue signaling to the Left, leading to President Donald Trump revoking the invitation.

He praised the Penguins for being the first in 20 years to win the Stanley Cup twice in a row. “That's pretty amazing because I know the competition is tough,” he said. “Is it tough? Pretty tough, right? Not for you guys, it's not so tough.”

Trump emphasized, “Over the last couple of months, the New England Patriots, the Chicago Cubs, and the NCAA champion Clemson Tigers — football — have all visited the White House to celebrate their great victories. It's been an honor to have them all here.” He added, “So I want to thank you for coming today. But for us, this is really a truly great group of world champions. That's what they are; they're world champions.”

Trump also praised the hockey team for the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation donating to the relief efforts for the recent natural disasters. “Just last week, the Pens pledged two donations of $25,000 each toward relief efforts in Puerto Rico in a support of the victims and the first responders of the terrible attack in Las Vegas,” the President said. “Just as much as your five Stanley Cup wins, your generosity has shown the true character of this incredible organization. You are true, true champions and incredible patriots.”

Trump also wished them luck in the upcoming season. “Now with hockey season again underway, I know you're ready to make yet another run at the Cup. The NHL has not seen a three-peat in a generation, but I know you are ready for the challenge.”

He said, “We wish all the best of luck this season. You're going to have a great season. The coach is telling me your team is going to be better than ever. So let’s go Pens.”


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