Attorney Lisa Bloom Lashes Out At 'The Left' After They Condemn Her Defense of Harvey Weinstein

Gloria Allred's daughter says she's suffered "pain" and "hate" in pursuit of justice.

Feminist attorney Lisa Bloom, who dropped off Harvey Weinstein's legal team earlier this week, says she's hurt and "in pain" after being attacked for seeking justice against Weinstein's accusers.

Bloom says she blames "the left" and their "hate" for causing her so much "pain," because of course they were supposed to side with Bloom, when she sought to defend the Hollywood mogul, now accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and even rape, even though allegations have mounted, and actresses like Asia Argento are on the record.

In a series of Tweets, she expressed her displeasure at being betrayed by her own ilk.


Most of the time her clients are, as she claims, the "downtrodden" and "oppressed" (like poor Kathy Griffin, who didn't realize that when you pose for photos with Donald Trump's bloody severed head, you often attract the attention of the Secret Service). But this time it's not clear what Bloom was thinking, taking on a serial abuser — who is, apparently, the kind of man Bloom often blames for her clients' troubles — as a client in the name of "seeking the truth."

Perhaps Bloom thought she could strike a blow for the Left, or make a name for herself defending an apologetic, wronged entertainment industry bigwig from the "vast right-wing conspiracy" she, according to reports, coached Weinstein to blame for his troubles, but either way, it's pretty clear she took on a client who wasn't going to win, at least in the court of public opinion.

Heck, Lisa's detractors include her own mother — famed civil rights attorney Gloria Allred — who said she couldn't think of any good reason her daughter would have sided with Weinstein after The New York Times revelations.

It's also not super clear what Lisa means by her "clients'" pain. Weinstein has been, for the most part, unapologetic; instead of begging for forgiveness from the women he wronged, or apologizing profusely for his behavior, he began his public relations war by begging Hollywood bigwigs to offer their public support. Bloom reportedly even structured a response for Weinstein that included smearing his alleged victims in the press, calling them liars and dragging out their sexual history, as though that somehow excused the mogul's horrific behavior.

But Bloom didn't stop there.

Uh huh. If she thinks that all that goodwill can't be undone with a single action, she clearly hasn't met the internet.

Fortunately for all of us, Bloom ended her Twitter rant on a high note, personally calling on each and every American to let go of all this partisan rancor we've all been embracing of late, and join in one, single group hug for the good of humanity, and the good of Lisa Bloom who, you see, has suffered because everyone hates everyone and it's just impacting her on such a personal level, you guys.

I'll take that offer — as long as she's the first to volunteer to stand next to Harvey Weinstein.

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