The owner of an Arizona car dealership rewarded an Iraq veteran who stole a truck during the Las Vegas shooting so he could quickly transport victims to a local hospital — all before ambulances arrived on scene.

Shane Beus, the owner of B5 Motors, noticed the brave actions of Marine veteran Taylor Winston immediately following last Sunday’s massacre in Las Vegas in which 58 died and over 400 sustained injuries.

“I started checking him out and the time frame,” Beus told CBS News. “I talked to some friends — I have ties over in Vegas — some of my friends were hurt, shot, some saw the whole situation.”

Beus said he was motivated to track down Winston because he wanted to thank him for his heroic actions.

“This guy was in the military. He obviously was in a situation where he had to act fast and that's what he did,” Beus said. “Most of us that wouldn't even cross our mind. We’d think, ‘We have to get the heck out of here.’”

Beus used social media to enlist help in tracking down Winston, and once he did, he gave him a free truck.

“On Friday, Beus arranged for Winston and his girlfriend, Jenn Lewis, to travel to Phoenix. On Monday, he gave the veteran keys to a 2013 Ford F-150, equipped with plenty of features and customized wheels and tires — a $20,000 value,” CBS News reported.

Beus said after meeting Winston that his actions should inspire everyone and the best word there is to describe him is “humble.”

“It's kindness in the first degree and complete selflessness,” Beus said. “I hope people remember their neighbors, their friends, people they don't even know, people they see in restaurants and on streets — there are people who are in circumstances that they don't know. We need to always be sensitive and willing to lend a helping hand.”

Winston estimates that he drove 20-30 victims to Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center, but he is quick to reject the hero label that many have given him.

“There was a lot of bravery and courageous people out there. I'm glad that I could call them my country folk,” Winston said.

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