Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile Deletes Tweet About Alleged Rapist Harvey Weinstein

The former DNC chair praised the Weinstein Company for taking "the lead against sexual harassment and assault."

On Monday, the former Democratic National Committee chair with a loose relationship with the truth, Donna Brazile, quietly deleted a tweet in which she bizarrely praised alleged rapist and big-time Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's company for taking "the lead against sexual harassment and assualt."


"The Weinstein Company has taken the lead against sexual harassment and assault," wrote Brazile, quoting an article about the final release of Weinstein from the company he co-founded, a brief 27 years after the first alleged misconduct took place.

Brazile attempted to defend herself, only to step on a rake:

“They fired Harvey Weinstein for his despicable acts. So many others hide behind the curtains. He’s fired! That’s a good thing folks," she wrote.

Yes, we should praise a company that allegedly helped cover up countless acts of alleged sexual misconduct, including three acts of rape, for finally cutting Weinstein loose only when they no other choice. Or something.

On Thursday, in a bombshell New York Times report, the Hollywood bigwig was uncovered as having been accused of using his power to leverage bizarre sexual favors, such as asking to be watched masturbating or showering, from actresses in exchange for a boost to their careers. The producer has reportedly paid out millions of dollars in at least eight settlements over such accusations.

In a disturbing release from The New Yorker on Tuesday, Weinstein is heard on a 2015 New York Police Department sting operation audio coercing a young actress into sexual favors, seemingly threatening her career if she does not comply. During the conversation, he admits to groping her breasts the day prior.

Brazile was predictably hammered online for praising the company Weinstein co-founded for their stance on sexual harassment.

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