Mike Pence Talks Tax Reform While Campaigning For California Republicans

“The topic of our discussion is tax relief."

Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Rancho Cordova, California on Monday where he talked about President Donald Trump’s tax reforms. He was welcomed by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield who introduced him to a crowd of enthusiastic supporters.

“The topic of our discussion is tax relief. President Trump asked me to come here to California. We've been traveling around the country because President Donald Trump is committed to work with the Congress and pass the largest tax cut in American history. And we're going to do it this year,” he said to an applause.

He also spoke about the fires that having been plaguing Northern California and promised relief efforts.

“At this present moment, the wildfires taking place here in California have destroyed more than 2,000 homes. And we just learned today of 10 people having lost their lives. The fires are going to continue,” Pence said.

He assured, “The dryness of the climate, the strength of the winds, you all in California know much better than this Midwesterner does, but I can assure you, as I did the governor (Jerry Brown), that the federal government stands ready to provide any and all assistance to the state of California as your courageous firefighters and first responders confront this widening challenge.”

Pence explained that the National Forest Service is working with five firefighting crews and the White House is working with Congress to earmark funding for the relief efforts.

The Vice President shifted back to tax reform saying, “The good news about the economy today is that this economy is already responding to President Trump’s bold leadership. Optimism is at an all-time high among businesses in many categories around the country.”

Pence bemoaned the red tape and bureaucracy surrounding America’s tax code. He broke down the three ways the administration is going to bring reform.

He said, “First and foremost, we're going to cut taxes on working families all across this country. We're going to ensure by doubling the standard deduction that the first $24,000 in income for families will be tax-free. We’ll expand the child tax credit, and we’ll end death taxes once and for all.” He continued, “Secondly, we're going to simplify the tax code.” Promising that Americans will be able to do their taxes on a single paper."

“And thirdly, we're going to make sure that businesses can be more competitive,” Pence said. “We're going to lower the corporate tax rate in America from one of the highest business tax rates in the world of 35% down to 20%, and we're going to make sure that small businesses that pay their taxes as individuals will also pay a lower rate of just 25%.”

The Vice President concluded, “President Trump is absolutely committed to doing everything in our power to let the American people keep more of what you earn and allow American businesses to be more competitive, to create more good-paying jobs all across California and all across this country. So we look forward to the conversation, and thank you for being here.”

Mike Pence began a tour, campaigning for local, state, and federal GOP candidates in the upcoming midterm elections.

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