Jimmy Carter Offers To Broker Peace With North Korea


Former president and epic foreign relations "expert" Jimmy Carter has offered to take care of the North Korea problem for President Donald Trump, and broker a peace deal between the United States and pint-sized dictator Kim Jong Un.

"Carter wants to meet with the North Korean leader and play a constructive role for peace on the Korean Peninsula as he did in 1994,” University of Georgia professor Park Han-shi told a South Korean newspaper.

Carter wants "to prevent a second Korean War," Park, who is the chair emeritus of UGA's School of Public and International Affairs, explained. "Should former President Carter be able to visit North Korea, he would like to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and discuss a peace treaty between the United States and the North and a complete denuclearization of North Korea."

Carter should know, as most freshmen taking their first international relations classes do, that the United States doesn't typically engage in bilateral talks with dictators, and that sitting down to a negotiating table with a crazed, bowl hair-cutted Bond villain isn't the typical diplomatic approach when nuclear war is on the line.

But given Carter's track record, it's not entirely clear he has the basics of foreign policy down.

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