SNL's Lorne Michaels Says They Cut Weinstein Joke Because 'It's A New York Thing'

The live comedy show unapologetically pulled punches.

Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels appeared to tell the Daily Mail Sunday that the notoriously scathing comedy show pulled punches against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein out of solidarity with New Yorkers.

In an on-the-street interview outside SNL's studios, Michaels told a reporter with the Mail that the show's producers made the decision to withhold commentary on Weinstein's fall from grace because "It's a New York thing."


Weinstein was born in Queens — but so was Donald Trump, and the show, hosted by Gal Gadot, featured plenty of scathing jokes, roasting the President. And although Trump is clearly an important figure in the news, Weinstein is no less a household name.

Worse, it seems that SNL deliberately scrapped a Weekend Update joke that went over well with viewers, according to an audience member who was at the SNL rehearsal earlier in the day on Saturday.

"I remember a joke being made about him during weekend update," the audience member told the Mail. "I don't remember the joke, I just remember that it got a big reaction from the audience."

Social media users on the left and right tore into SNL for avoiding the Weinstein affair — or, allegedly, the Weinstein affairs — chastizing the show for their "curious" lack of Weinstein material, even though both the New York Times expose and its associated legal documents provide plenty of material. According to reports, Weinstein did everything from request young starlets watch him shower naked in return for movie roles, to corner women in hallways while he masturbated into a houseplant.

Nope, no jokes to be made there ... right?

Anyway, the lack of attention fro SNL wasn't enough to save Weinstein's job. He was fired Sunday night from his position with the Weinstein Company. His brother is now handling all of the studio's daily business.


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