'Wag the Flag': Reporters Attack VP Pence for ‘Stunt’ Of Walking Out Of NFL Game

On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence, the former governor of Indiana, dropped into Indianapolis to catch the NFL game between the hometown Colts and the San Francisco 49ers.

When several 49ers refused to stand for America's national anthem, Pence walked out.

Then everybody lost their minds.

But forget the partisan liberal hacks who lose their minds at everything the Trump-Pence administration does. We're talking here about reporters, or, as this particular breed prefers to be called, "journalists."

Daniel Dale is the Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, so, sure, Canada. Meh. But lots of U.S. media also posted similar things on Twitter.

Wrote Elizabeth Landers, a CNN White House producer who covered the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016:

To the vast left-wing media, that meant a vast right-wing conspiracy was afoot. Wrote the senior political reporter at Roll Call:

Mark Berman of The Washington Post piled on:

Said Peter Alexander, national correspondent for NBC News:

Jennifer Bendery of the Huffington Post said:

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC joined in:

As did The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof:

But Pence himself explained his exit. While the NFL protest prompted many teams to kneel during the anthem two weeks ago, fewer and fewer have been participating as owners lay down the law, so Pence had no way to know if players would protest at the Colts-Niners game.

He added:

President Trump tweeted this:

And that's just what the media is doing, too — following the orders of their bosses by slamming everything the Trump-Pence administration does.

At least they're transparent and predictable.

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