Trump Blasts Cuba & Venezuela: ‘Communism Is The Past; Freedom Is The Future’

On Friday, President Trump blasted communism and socialism during his remarks "at a gathering for Hispanic heritage," reports The Washington Free Beacon:

We are working every day to secure a future of peace, prosperity, and sovereignty for every American citizen – and we hope for a future of freedom and prosperity throughout the entire Western Hemisphere.

That's why under my administration, we have taken decisive action to stand with the good people of Cuba and Venezuela. Great people. Great, great people.

As I announced before a wonderful crowd in Little Havana earlier this year, we will not lift sanctions on the Cuban regime until it delivers full political freedom for the Cuban people. The same failed communist ideology that has brought oppression to Cuba has brought nothing but suffering and misery everywhere and every place it has been anywhere in the world.

Communism is the past; freedom is the future.

We also stand with the people of Venezuela who are suffering under the ruthless socialism of the Maduro regime. We reject socialist oppression and we call for the restoration of democracy and freedom for the citizens of Venezuela.

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