Pelosi Erroneously Claims Background Checks Would Have Stopped Vegas Shooter

He passed all background checks

If you need any further proof that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has absolutely no clue what is happening beyond her leftist mandated talking points, look no further than her most recent town hall - where she erroneously claimed that background checks could have stopped Stephen Paddock from carrying out his mass-murdering spree in Las Vegas.

A retired Marine Captain and a gun store owner confronted Pelosi during the town hall, asking her precisely what gun control measure could be implemented that would stop a man like Paddock from carrying out his attack, if he had such a strong motivation to commit mass killing.

Rather than just outright call for a blanket gun ban, which would be electoral suicide for a mainstream politician, Pelosi daftly stated that background checks were the best option.

"We have come together in a bi-partisan way to put together what we thought would save the most lives," she said. "And that is to have background checks, gun violence prevention background checks, and to have them be effective. Overwhelmingly, members of the National Rifle Association support background checks."

One little problem with her solution that CNN failed to point out: Stephen Paddock passed several background checks, as he had no history of mental illness or criminal activity.

Pelosi stepped up her call for universal background checks, demanding that Congress acts on gun control now.

"We're never going to rest until we get this done," Pelosi said, noting that Paul Ryan will form a committee on gun control.

"We're talking about a bill that would say you have to have … a background check," she continued. "It's 72 hours. It's a very short background check. So, I'm not making it harder for you to have a gun. All we're just saying is that you have to have a background check."

So far, the only possible solution - that might prevent mass casualties like those in Las Vegas - is a ban on so-called "bump stocks," which are used to modify semi-automatic weapons so that they can fire as if they were fully automatic.

"I do think there would be bipartisan support coming together to pass a bill to make it illegal to sell those, because you can buy them now," she said.

Pelosi later followed up on her claims in a Thursday tweet about these "common sense" gun laws that would not have prevented Vegas.

The most consistent ideological position presented by the left in these matters has been a blanket gun ban, which only Michael Moore now proudly, and publicly, supports.


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