The Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon founder and CEO Jeffrey P. Bezos, hid a damaging story about the online tech giant in which the European officials ordered that must pay $300 million in back taxes after benefiting from an “illegal” tax agreement that spanned over a decade.

Matt Drudge – founder of the Drudge Report, the most influential news aggregate in the U.S. – called out the hypocrisy from Bezos after The Washington Post decided to create a slogan for the first time in the newspaper’s history, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” right after President Donald Trump was elected.

Drudge tweeted, “$300M fine against AMAZON for tax dodge in EU... Nothing on front page? Democracy Dies... with monopolistic Bezos!!”

The report from The Washington Post states that Amazon is considering appealing the $300 million fine (approximately 250 million euros):

An Amazon spokeswoman said the company is considering an appeal. According to the European Union, Amazon put “the vast majority” of its profits in a Luxembourg-based holding company, which allowed the company to avoid paying taxes on the bulk of its European profits between 2006 and 2014. Under Luxembourg’s tax laws, Amazon’s holding company — a limited partnership without employees, offices or business activities — was not subject to corporate taxes, which “granted a selective economic advantage to Amazon,” according to European authorities.

Amazon, which has since changed the way it operates and pays taxes in Europe, says it did not break any rules. The world’s largest online retailer last year posted a $2.4 billion profit on revenue of $136 billion.

President Trump has repeatedly reminded the public of the connection between Amazon and The Washington Post on Twitter: