Actor and gun owner Ashton Kutcher has flipped his views on gun control in the wake of the devastating mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night, which left 58 dead and nearly 500 others injured.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Kutcher ​wrote: "I've had a gun since I was 12 yrs old but enough is enough. I'm a hunter and a sportsman but No body needs these weapons."

The actor declared that gun laws need to be changed. "Let's pray. Then let's change the law," he wrote.

"There's a middle ground here let's get to the table and find it," added the 39-year-old.

In addition to owning his own guns for hunting since he was just a boy, in 2010, Kutcher posted a photo of his then-wife, actress Demi Moore, firing off a firearm at an outdoor LA gun range. "That’s why you don’t mess with Mrs. Kutcher," he captioned the photo.

"Both Moore and Kutcher are gun fanatics. The actor once revealed that he and his wife each bought pistols shortly after they married in 2005, something that has convinced him that neither one of them will stray," reported The Daily Mail back in 2010.

"We got guns and that helps," said Kutcher. "She was working on a movie in Louisiana so we went out and both got [guns]. She got a Glock and I got a Springfield."

"It's also good for when the girls [Moore's three daughters] bring boys back to the house; I take them out and show them how to shoot," he continued.

"I actually took this boy that Scout was dating out at our place in Idaho and I would, like, carry the gun around at my side at all times just so he knew...subtle hints," the actor added.

Republicans have signaled that they would be open to the banning bump stocks, which were used by the shooter in Vegas. But aside from bump stocks, which are easy to obtain illegally and can be modified with a simple belt loop, there has yet to be any serious policy proposals from the Left that could have prevented the killer, who passed all background checks with flying colors, from carrying out such an attack.