WATCH: Las Vegas Sheriff Says He Thinks Shooter Had Help, Planned Escape

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said during a Wednesday evening press conference that he believes alleged gunman Stephen Paddock had help and that there is evidence that suggests he didn’t plan to die in his hotel room.

Lombardo said that he has seen evidence that suggests that Paddock planned to escape but he cannot reveal what that evidence is at this point. Later in the press conference he double-downed on his statement and added that so far no one has been able to dismiss the theory.


Lombardo also indicated that based on the stockpile of different weapons Paddock had that he had to have had help at some point.

“He had to have some help at some point,” Lombardo said. “Maybe he’s a super-guy. … maybe he’s super-yahoo, was working out all this on his own, but it would be hard for me to believe that.”

Investigators are particularly interested in the last year of Paddock’s life, as he reportedly purchased 33 firearms in the 12 months leading up the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.


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