FLASHBACK: Trump Tweeted A Cartoon That Foreshadowed Tillerson's 'F***ing Moron' Comment

Back in 2014, the President made the same disparaging joke.

According to an NBC News report, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson got sassy about President Donald Trump in a meeting at the Pentagon several weeks ago, calling Trump a "moron" in a meeting with several other members of Trump's cabinet and national security team.

NBC says three officials have corroborated their report, but both Trump and Tillerson, who have been at odds over North Korea in recent weeks, have refuted NBC's report. The president called it "fake news." Tillerson told a news conference Wednesday that he wouldn't dignify "petty stuff like that," but technically did not deny using the term.

If he did call Trump a "moron," however, he may have only been following in the fearless leader's footsteps. According to a 2014 tweet, Trump appears to have used the term to refer to then-President Barack Obama.

The "interesting cartoon" features the Founding Fathers toiling over the Constitution, and a standing figure suggesting that James Madison (apparently) include "something...in case people elect a f***ing moron."

Trump got 18,000 re-tweets for his efforts.


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