Leftists Exploit Las Vegas Shooting To Push Online Censorship

Blend the narrative with "Russian election hacking" hoax.

Following Sunday's mass murder in Las Vegas, NV, Democrats and their left-wing news media allies are hyping a “fake news epidemic” from the “far-right," laying the groundwork for censorship of dissident voices via legislation and technology company (primarily Facebook, Google, and Twitter) policy changes.

The New York Times, The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, BBC, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and Newsweek are among many left-wing and Democrat-aligned news media outlets framing “fake news” from “far-right” personalities and outlets as broadly duping Americans.

An analysis from BuzzFeed of disinformation on Twitter hyped irrelevant tweets as illustrative of a broad threat to the ecosystem of digital information. Among the evidence for its central claims, BuzzFeed shared the following tweet; twice retweeted and liked:

Americans, suggest the aforementioned news media outlets, are incapable of dealing with "fake news" from the "far-right." Enter Democrats and Silicon Valley technology company overlords to rescue them with censorship solutions.

The hype dovetails with the Democrats’ and broader Left’s narrative of “Russian election hacking,” in which Americans who voted for Donald Trump are broadly cast as having been duped by supposedly pro-Trump and/or anti-Clinton propaganda surreptitiously pushed online by the Russian state at the direction of Vladimir Putin (an allegation supported by various former and current intelligence agency heads without any publicly shared evidence).

Recent weeks have seen Democrats and their news media allies hype allegations of a Russian state political influence campaign procured via ad buys on Facebook for propaganda distribution. Assorted news media figures dutifully hyped the storyline, framing American Facebook users as incapable of being able to defend their minds from foreign propaganda.

The insinuation? Fragile American minds must be protected from foreign propaganda. The benevolent defenders? Democrats and their Silicon Company masterminds.

Reuters, CNN, The Atlantic, CNBC, Variety, Engadget, and The New York Times joined the narrative of Russia’s alleged Facebook facilitates political influence over Americans.

Adam Schiff is the Democrats' most-deployed figure for hyping the threat of Russian “election interference.” Without any sense of irony, the Democrat congressman accuses Russian propaganda of “[stoking and amplifying] social and political tensions”:

Political and news media observers will note that Democrats and their news media allies primarily traffic in the politics of "social and political tensions" along the lines of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.

Mark Zuckerberg has done his part in advancing the aforementioned and interconnected narratives. Fretting about "election integrity," he promised to protect vulnerable Facebook users from propaganda:

Facebook claimed the discovery of $100,000 “influence operation likely based in Russia” on its own platform, hyped by NBC News. Meanwhile, the political influence campaigns purchased via billions of dollars of operational costs spent by the “mainstream media” is unexamined by America's self-appointed Guardians of Democracy.

America's self-styled elite view their perceived American subjects as too free.

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