NFL Player Wears 'Everybody Vs. Trump' Shirt To Game Then HIDES During National Anthem

The Oakland Raiders’ staff appeared to hide running back Marshawn Lynch from public view while the athlete sat during the national anthem in Sunday’s match-up against the Denver Broncos.

Prior to the game, Lynch wore an "Everybody vs. Trump" shirt:

During the national anthem, however, Lynch was not nearly as bold, hiding behind several staff members and coaches while the rest of his teammates stood.

Lynch’s performance during the game was abysmal — 9 carries for only 12 yards.

Each week Lynch’s on field performance is worse than it was the week before:

  • Game 1: 18 carries for 76 yards – 4.2-yard average.
  • Game 2: 12 carries for 45 yards – 3.8-yard average.
  • Game 3: 6 carries for 18 yards – 3.0-yard average.
  • Game 4: 9 carries for 12 yards – 1.3-yard average.

Perhaps Lynch would be best served by focusing on the game instead of making political statements with t-shirts and anthem protests.


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