The Regressive Left Shills For Gun Control After Las Vegas Shooting

Disgusting ...

The regressive left is following thought leader and twice-failed Democrat Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who is disregarding decency in order to stand on the backs of the Las Vegas shooting victims to shill for gun control.

Wasting no time, leftists from the Hollywood elite to the mainstream media have entered the echo chamber of blaming the National Rifle Association, the Second Amendment, and law-abiding gun owners for the horrible shooting in Nevada.

According to MRCTV’s Newsbusters blog, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle immediately echoed Clinton’s sentiments of attacking the Second Amendment and law-abiding gun owners.

The left-wing anchor told former NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, “When you hear this, these very relaxed gun laws in the state of Nevada.”

Bratton joined in, saying, “I'm not a gun lover. I appreciate that many people enjoy weapons, but the lack of regulation in this country defies sanity.”

ABC’s Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos joined in on the gun-bashing. “... This is going to re-open the debate over guns in this country," he bragged to his viewers.

Reporter Cecilia Vega disregarded all journalism objectivity, praising Clinton for attacking the NRA during ABC’s live coverage. “And of course, the politics comes with this. Hillary Clinton is weighing in this morning, blaming and calling out the NRA for a measure like this,” she said. “So this is certainly something President Trump will have to address, this issue of gun control in the days and weeks to come as we often see presidents have to deal with in the wake of these shootings.”

Celebrities also tweeted their leftist spin on Twitter:

Michael Ian Black took it a step further, claiming that the NRA is a terrorist group.

Why would you call a civil rights organization like the NRA a terrorist group? How many members have been involved in shootings compared to radical Islamic terror? That is a statistic the far left and their mainstream media allies will not show you.

The leftists have no evidence that gun control laws would have prevented this. With the information at hand, it is impossible to see how the killer got his gun.

Several conservatives took to Twitter to immediately dismiss the regressive left’s tactic of demagoguing an issue before knowing the facts:

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