Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Choked Up While Offering Powerful Statement On Las Vegas Shooting

Sarah Huckabee Sanders teared up and her voice cracked as she recounted several stories of sacrifice and bravery from the Las Vegas shooting during a Monday press conference. The White House Press Secretary offered a moving statement, quoting from the Gospel of John, and noting that "what these people did for each other says far more about who we are as Americans than the cowardly acts of a killer ever could."

The following is Huckabee Sanders’ full statement:

In the coming days, this attack will directly impact communities all over our country whose residents were visiting the entertainment capital of the world to attend a concert. One man, 29-year-old Sonny Melton, had traveled from Tennessee to Las Vegas for the concert with his wife, Heather. When the bullets began raining down from above, Sonny shielded her from danger, selflessly giving up his life to save hers. They'd been married for just over a year.

Others risked their own lives to save people they had never met. Mike McGarry of Philadelphia laid on top of students at the concert to protect them from the gunfire. "They're 20, I'm 53," he said, "and I've lived a good life."

Lindsay Padgett, and her fiance, Mike Jay, fled for cover during the attack and immediately returned to the scene with their pickup truck to help transport the wounded to nearby hospitals.

Gail Davis, who was attending the concert with her husband, says she owes her life to a brave police officer who instinctively served as a human shield protecting her from harm.

Sadly, multiple police officers, both on duty and off duty, were among those killed or injured.

But what these people did for each other says far more about who we are as Americans than the cowardly acts of a killer ever could.

The Gospel of John reminds us that there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend. The memory of those who displayed the ultimate expression of love in the midst of an unimaginable act of hate will never fade. Their examples will serve as an eternal reminder that the American spirit cannot and will not ever be broken. In the days ahead, we will grieve as a nation, we will honor the memory of those lost as a nation, and we will come together, united as one nation, under God, and indivisible.

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