AWFUL: Hillary Exploits Vegas Shooting To Target NRA

Hillary Clinton, eager to seize the chance to implement gun control in America, used the opportunity of the worst mass shooting in American history to forward her political agenda, as she attacked the NRA.

Clinton’s first response to the tragedy in Las Vegas was to offer her sympathy for the victims:

But the very next minute, she turned her attention to fomenting opposition to the NRA:

The history of Clinton’s rhetoric regarding guns illustrates her opportunistic attitude; in 2008, running against Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination, Clinton positioned herself as more friendly to gun owners. She fondly recalled her father teaching her how to shoot, saying, ““You know, my dad took me out behind the cottage that my grandfather built on a little lake called Lake Winola outside of Scranton and taught me how to shoot when I was a little girl.”

Clinton made sure to create some distance between her and Obama, as she sympathized with gun owners, saying, “I disagree with Sen. Obama’s assertion that people in our country cling to guns and have certain attitudes about trade and immigration simply out of frustration.”

Clinton approved of those for whom owning guns was natural: “You know, some people now continue to teach their children and their grandchildren. It’s part of culture. It’s part of a way of life. People enjoy hunting and shooting because it’s an important part of who they are. Not because they are bitter.”

Clinton also stated that "there is not a contradiction between protecting Second Amendment rights" and the effort to reduce crime.

But by 2016, Clinton’s rhetoric had radically changed. She favored reinstating the assault weapons ban that had expired in 2004; called for repealing the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act,” which shields gun manufacturers from being sued by victims of gun violence, and in the most egregious anti-gun example, said the 2008 decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, in which the Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to possess a handgun in the home for self-defense, was “wrongly decided.”

It’s not surprising Clinton would use Las Vegas to advance a political agenda; but it is disgusting.


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