INSANE: The WORST Twitter Responses To The Tragedy In Las Vegas

There's no limit to how strange social media will get in the wake of a tragedy.

Social media is almost always a black hole of insanity in the hours after a major tragedy, as "experts" on all manner of policy debate their personal opinions and offer scorching hot takes on the day's news.

Monday's tragedy in Las Vegas, which left at least 50 dead and 400 in area hospitals, was no exception; the blistering analysis began early among the chattering class.

Comedian Patton Oswalt lost no time in exploiting the tragedy as a weapon against President Donald Trump, critiquing Trump for offering words of condolence in the wake of the worst mass shooting in American history.

Former sportscaster-turned-political commentator-turned ... something ... Keith Olbermann weighed in as well.

Atheist icon Richard Dawkins quickly followed suit with his own vain attempt to turn the Las Vegas tragedy into a national discussion about gun control ... or something.

Dawkins clearly spent time on his scorching hot take, even working to make the first few lines rhyme, as though that makes his bizarre opinion on the matter any more relevant or novel (or accurate — initial law enforcement observations reveal the shooter may have had a fully automatic rifle, illegal under federal law since 1986).

Not to be outdone, "anti-racism" strategist Tariq Nasheed immediately suggested the shooting was the result of white supremacy.


As soon as politicians began offering their thoughts and prayers to Las Vegas victims, a number of leftists pounced, accusing Republican lawmakers of exploiting a tragedy while exploiting the tragedy themselves.

Scott Dworkin, MSNBC contributor and Democratic strategist:

Atlantic writer Julia Ioffe:

High-profile politicians, of course, were not immune from claiming the tragedy as evidence of a need for their pet project. Perhaps the worst offender, however, was none other than former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who went after the NRA Monday morning, as if the group's leadership committed the act directly.

Hillary was joined by a list of usual suspects, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the Center for American Progress, and leftist New York Times columnists.

But, of course, stupid takes on national tragedies aren't a partisan game. Former Libertarian political candidate Wayne Allen Root had his own bizarre take.

The bad news is, Twitter just increased its character limit to more than 200 letters, so the takes will only get hotter as the day goes on.


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