CNN, which presents itself as an objective new outlet, achieved consensus today between four of its personalities. Don Lemon, Michaela Pereira, Ron Brownstein, and Nia-Malika Henderson all agreed that Donald Trump’s expected criticisms of Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades - allegedly abusive and otherwise - would end up backfiring.

Earlier this week, Trump went to Twitter to warn the current Democratic front-runner of deploying the left-wing “War on Women” narrative.

As if presenting a good faith warning to the Trump campaign, CNN produced a segment on Monday reapplying the admonition of “overreach”. In other words, the network advises Trump against going far in his criticisms of Hillary Clinton on the grounds of her husband’s infidelity, lest it damage his image with Americans.

Brownstein framed Trump as having trouble with securing political support from women. He added that “white collar, white women” were a core pillar of Clinton’s political support. A poll from October found that 64% of white women viewed Clinton unfavorably. No mention was made of married women tending to vote Republican by a slight majority.

“The Clintons seem to always rise above the fray,” said New Day’s co-anchor Pereira, framing the political partnership of the Clintons as operating on a higher moral plane than Trump’s campaign.

Alumnus of The New York Times and now an ostensibly objective reporter at CNN, Henderson agreed. Going further, Henderson posited that Trump’s anticipated criticisms of Bill Clinton’s sexual impropriety would politically benefit his wife.

“The problem, I think, with this line of attack is not only what the Clintons have to do, it’s that often it actually helps Hillary Clinton. Some of her highest approval ratings have come right around the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, so it often backfires,” said Henderson, “They’ve been able to rise above the fray, for the most part.”

Lemon questioned whether or not it was fair for Trump to bring up such things, describing the New York City billionaire as “no angel.”

All of the panelists ignored allegations of Bill’s commission of sexual assault and rape. Also ignored was his connection to convicted sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. No mention was made of Clinton laughing at a rape victim whose rapist she successfully defended as his lawyer.

Last week, Lemon abruptly ended a segment by cutting of the audio and video feed of a conservative commentator who repeatedly described Bill Clinton as a “sexual abuser.”

CNN still bills itself as “The Most Trusted Name In News.”