HORROR SHOW: Dunham Thinking About Developing Hillary's Self-Pitying Book Into Movie

In news sure to confirm the developing theory that we unconsciously entered the maw of hell sometime several years ago, much-beloved-by-the-Left sister-molesting, false-rape-allegation-leveling, pet-abandoning HBO star Lena Dunham has announced that she may consider turning Hillary Clinton’s tale of campaign woe, What Happened, into a film.

Yes, that is the hysterical laughter of Satan you hear being prepped as the soundtrack.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s Lenny Letter celebrated its two-year anniversary earlier this month, a span which has featured stories from Jennifer Lawrence, Gloria Steinem, America Ferrera and model Ashley Graham. But the duo is focused now on digesting the story of one Hillary Clinton in her new book What Happened. When queried on whether the book would make a good TV or film adaptation, Dunham jokes, “Great question slash suggestion,” with Konner adding, “Call HBO; we’ll have to see if Danny Strong is available.” Strong penned 2012’s Game Change about Sarah Palin joining the John McCain 2008 presidential campaign.

America was already cursed with a campaign featuring both Clinton and Dunham; it would actually be a blight on the Democrats for Americans to be reminded of their presence on the American pop culture/political scene. So perhaps Republicans should pray for a Dunham-produced Hillary biopic, presumably with Dunham playing herself, Meryl Streep playing Hillary Clinton, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, and Screetch from Saved by the Bell playing Anthony Weiner.

That would be the 2017 cherry on top we all deserve.


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