WATCH: President Trump Promises ‘Rebirth’ Of American Industry

"The era of economic surrender is over."

President Donald Trump spoke to the National Association of Manufacturers in Washington, D.C. on Friday, where he promised that the White House would no longer "surrender" on manufacturing jobs, but will spur a "rebirth" of American industry.

Trump opened his remarks by saying, “We're here today at the National Association of Manufacturers to discuss our vision for America’s economic revival and to celebrate the people whose vision and products stock our shelves, fill our homes, and enrich our lives.”

The president said, “I want to express my special gratitude to the incredible workers on stage. Congratulations.” He joked to the audience’s laughter, “They are the ones, and millions out there... now, they're not as good as you, but they're very good.”

He emphasized, “It's a great honor to be here with the men and women whose creations power our communities and protect our nation. We are all here today for the same reason: because we believe in that beautiful, beautiful phrase that hasn’t been used so much over the last three decades: Made in the USA.” He added, “It's a phrase that fills our hearts with pride, and they embody the skill, grit, and drive of the American worker.”

The president assured the audience that the White House is working hard to end regulatory burdens that had been placed on businesses by previous administrations.

“My administration is working every day to lift the burdens on our companies and on our workers so that you can thrive, compete, and grow,” he said to an applauding audience. “And at the very center of that plan is a giant, beautiful, massive, the biggest ever in our country, tax cut.”

Trump promised a "rebirth" after years of ignoring the problems facing manufacturing jobs.

“For decades, the policy of Washington D.C. on the subject of manufacturing was a policy best summarized in one word: surrender. "They surrendered,” he emphasized. “Under my administration, the era of economic surrender is over, and the rebirth of American industry is beginning.”

He told the audience, “America is winning again, and America is being respected again. And you see that happening all over.”

Trump touted his economic record. “You see the five plants that were announced just recently ... auto plants. So many people are coming back into this country." He added, "They want to be back in. Other countries are bringing their companies and sending their companies in. They all want to be back, and that's great for our workers.”

The president also spoke of lowering tax rates for the middle class and wanting to help bring overseas jobs back to America.

Trump said, “We want companies to hire and grow in America, to raise wages for American workers, and to help rebuild American cities and towns.”

Trump also praised the workers who are in the manufacturing industry, saying, “There is a great patriotism that lives inside the men and women who leave their hearts on the factory floors, who pour their hopes into the works of iron and steel, and who turn dreams into reality with their own two hands.”

He concluded, “This can be remembered as the moment we took control of our destiny and chose a future of American patriotism, prosperity, and pride. With your help and your voice, we will bring back our jobs, we will bring back our wealth, and for every citizen across this land, we will bring back our great American Dream.”

Earlier in the speech, he gave an update about the help Puerto Rico is receiving following a devastating hurricane.

You can watch the remarks below:


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